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My $5 photo of the girls at AEE 2015.
My $5 photo of the girls at AEE 2015.

by Reviewer Rob

Here’s a pic of the girls that were at the booth last month when I was shooting photos at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. The dark-haired girl on the left looked at me with those soft eyes when I asked her like I usually do if I could snap a picture of them then she smiled and told me that they were “selling photos for five dollars now.” I thought about it for a half a moment, shrugged and said “okay” quietly under my breath, taking a fiver out of my wallet and spinning it down onto their table. As I did I asked her if I could “get all three” of them for five dollars and motioned towards the other two girls – a short Asian sexpot and a severe looking woman with bleached blond hair.

I asked them to stand together for the photo but the blond stepped back and said something about photos being ten dollars now. The first girl said something qiuetly to her that made the blond reconsider and grudgingly she got into the frame.

Hey – four days at AEE in Vegas and with all the photos and video material I got in its coverage – I considered five dollars a good deal.

The Adult Entertainment Expo would have been grossly insufficient of course without Kink dot com being properly represented. The adult website based in the historic San Francisco Armory has reached legend status. Peter Ackworth, the British owner of Kink dot com, bought the building in 2006 for $14.2mil and made it into’s production headquarters with plans to also use it as a kind of public edifice in the future where space can be rented out for different events.

I’m making a working tourist visit up there soon.

“The building was constructed as an armory and arsenal for the United States National Guard in 1912–1914 and designed with a castle-like appearance in a Moorish Revival style. The Armory was built on part of the site of Woodward’s Gardens (1866–1891), a zoo, aquarium, art museum, and amusement park which covered two city blocks, bounded by Mission, Valencia, 13th, and 15th Streets. The structure was built as a replacement for the old San Francisco Armory in the Western Addition, which had been destroyed by the 1906 earthquake. In addition to its role as an armory and arsenal, during the 1920s, it served as a venue for sporting events, such as prizefights.
“The Armory served as a stronghold and rallying point for the National Guard in their suppression of the 1934 San Francisco General Strike (an event known as “Bloody Thursday”)” 
~ from Wikipedia

Even with the overall decline of paid internet porn the organization is probably riding pretty high financially right now in the wake of the whole 50 Shades phenomenon.

Below are a couple of trailers from their recent documentary, produced by James Franco (Date Night, The Interview):

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