The Falcon – Free To The Girls, $200 For The Guys


Maximizing Your Profits

Camming With “The Falcon”

product debut by Reviewer Rob

This is a new product they said was called “The Falcon” that was revealed and discussed in the Novelties symposium class thing that the people from the website Clips4Sale had on the last day of AEE 2015. The talk was called “1000s Of Ways Make Money On The Internet,” or maybe it was “… Ways To Make Money In Porn.” I could look it up right now but don’t want to.

Anyways, these machines are planned to be marketed to the webcam set and the guy said they’d be free to the webcam girls and about $200 to the members. They’re designed to attach to body parts like hands or genitalia so member can virtually “have sex with the girl” from remote, they said.

It’s supposed to really maximize the profits for the girls by letting them charge many times more per minute or however they bill their members, because hey they’re getting to “fuck” them instead of just watch them toy themselves with a dildo, I guess.

Imagine if you had a bevy of headline cam models that were also big-name porn stars and they were under contract to stay with your website and you could sell these Falcon remote sex fuckers to members and have “Win Ten Minutes With The Cam Model Of Your Choice” contests or raffles. You’d get rich, 4 shore.

"The Falcon" ?
“The Falcon” ?

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