[ad] White Box Contemporary art show: Trueman/Dildine

Trueman/Dildine Tweet White Box Contemporary, 1040 7th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101. Phone 619-237-8813

[ad] Partying For A Purpose: White Box Contemporary, 4-6-13

Art Auction For Charity Tweet Come 4-6-13 and Support The Arts and Charity Click the pic for larger. Links: alexandersalazarfineart.com whiteboxcontemporary.com salazarair.com itsallaboutthekids.com PartyingforaPurpose.com To sponsor, contact Angela@itsallaboutthekids.com.

People From The Past

[Commentary] Maria Muse Tweet Remembering The Other She That She Used To Be An Informal Facebook Interview Maria’s Facebook photo caption, 3-28-13: “My old passport picture. They were going to make me keep this because I had too many retakes. I told them that I would never get out of Amsterdam like this. :)” [Editor’s note: This was copied from […]

Jesus Hates You Now

[Independent Film] Cinematic Puppetry Tweet By Katherine Sweetman SOMEHOW I happened across Jesus Hates You Now, a 78-minute video-experience of cult de-programming, puppet insanity, and bizarre genius on the part of the project’s creator artist/filmmaker/puppeteer/actor Tristan Newcomb. Please note, I’m a very cynical reviewer and harsh media critic. I don’t throw around the word “genius” often — maybe ever. But […]