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Valuable Web Resources

Plantary broadcasts on Radio Garden radio.garden ~ a live stream source for radio broadcasts all over the globe.

Winds & Nature earth.nullschool.net ~ weird video schematic of global wind patters in real time.

Calif. B.A.R. bar.ca.gov ~ been ripped off by a shady auto repair shop in California? File a complaint with The BAR. Fines and/or the threat of certification revocation will get their attention.

Yelp yelp.com ~ review stuff in your neighborhood, become a local guide

Web dafont.com ~ free fonts galore

Web thenoodleincident.com ~ free templates for websites

Web aviary.com ~ Photo-editing, logos, web templates, filters, color palettes, screen capture & more

blog.makezine.com ~ DIY projects ranging from 10 mins. with household supplies

bls.gov/web/laummtrk.htm ~ unemployment rates for metropolitain areas

city-data.com ~ detailed population statistics by zip code

cityrating.com ~ city search, demographics, cost of living, crime statistics

craigslist.com ~ the biggest online classifieds site

Web freetranslation.com ~ translates words and phrases from other languages

freedomvoice.com ~ Choose your own toll free number.

flyingmeat.com/acorn ~ free Photo editing app site, drawing capable

lifehacker.com ~ tips and downloads for getting things done

nsfw4.me ~ Not Safe For Work link shortener

mapquest.com ~ maps and driving directions

moon phases ~ Times for full moons, and other astrological calulations

per diem rates ~ current domestic per diem rates from the US General Services Admin, gsa.gov

photobucket.com ~ Upload all your photos, videos, and images for free

picnik.com ~ Online photo editing tool run by Google

qik.com ~ broadcast live streaming video from your cellphone handset

realtor.com ~ check prices and contact realtors about homes for sale or rent

skype.com ~ make calls computer to computer with other Skype users for free worldwide 

sounddogs.com ~ stock sound clips, free

stormsurf.com ~ free surf reports and forecasting

surfline.com ~ current surfing conditions and predictions worldwide, paid site but great features

surf report for San Diego (north) ~ Surfline.com 3-day forecast north San Diego

surf report for San Diego (south) ~ Surfline.com 3-day forecast south San Diego

surveymonkey.com ~ The simple way to make surveys. Free online questionnaire tool and software. Because knowledge is everything

tinypic.com ~ a photo and video sharing service that lets you easily upload, link, and share your images and videos

tinyurl.com ~ create a tiny URL that will not break in email postings and never expires

timeanddate.com ~ Day and Night World Map Sunrise and Sunset Calculator

timeanddate.com Sunset in San Diego ~ (sunrise and sunset times page for San Diego, CA)

tr.im ~ shortest url link shortening address around

usajobs.gov ~ Get a better job

ustream.com ~ free online video streaming and web casts

w3schools.com ~ Full Web Building Tutorials

weather.com ~ current and forecasted weather

webresizer.com ~ free online photo resizing tool

wolframalpha.com ~ online calculator, computing and more, computational knowledge engine

World Fact Book ~ pick a country or region and find out facts

x-rates.com ~ foreign exchange rates Currency Calculator

zillow.com ~ real estate values in various cities


Do you have a suggestion that you think should be on this list? Is a link here broken or something out-of-date? If so, email the editor at deptofcorrections@reviewermagazine.com with the words "resources page" in the subject.