Brewmeisters of Point Loma

Making beer in Point Loma, a how-to. All video by the amazingly awesome rock and roll video journalist, Reviewer Rob, at

Diary of a Social Worker book review

Diary of a Social Worker A book by Rodney Johnson Review by Kent Manthie The thing about people is that they are so damn predictable; they’re not only predictable, they can be nosy neighbors, vindictive jerks and vengeful folks – ex-lovers, pissed off neighbors and the like. This simple idea is empiricized in a new book that was just self-published […]

Portland from the air

Portland from the air Photos by Robert Lee Rowsey Jr.

Summer Greetings From Reviewer Magazine

A news flash from Reviewer Magazine: Here’s hoping you’re all having a rockinly hot good summer! Photo: © 2007