Joe Granata ad

pro-war TV

[propaganda watch] They Lie Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 12:29:45 -0700 From: “Nita Chaudhary, Political Action” Subject: Fighting back White House allies are going on the air with millions of dollars in ads, making the case for staying in Iraq for years. Can you contribute $25 so we can fight back? Contribute Now! Dear MoveOn member, This morning, in […]

On Minneapolis' Bridge Collapse

The Day the Bridge Came Down By Kent Manthie On the morning of Tuesday July 3, 2007 I sat down to watch some TV; I flipped by CNN while searching for something to watch and what I saw there really captured my attention. It was some live coverage of what was obvious from first glance a disaster of some type. […]

Stormy Daniels video interview

Checkin Out The Spy Cam with Stormy by Reviewer Rob In between dances and while a huge crowd of her adoring fans waited just outside the office door, big-time Hollywood porn star Stormy Daniels (of The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up) talks to Reviewer Rob about her people, her recent Maroon5 video, and the fun of watching people […]