The May Fire ad

The May Fire Plastic Army e.p. available now. The May Fire’s upcoming show dates: Fri June 22 San Francisco, CA Red Devil Lounge Fri July 6 Seattle, WA Comet Tavern Sat July 7 Portland, OR Tonic Lounge Thu July 12 San Francisco, CA Bottom of the Hill Thu July 26 Las Vegas, NV Beauty Bar Fri July 27 […]

Music reviews 6/15/07

Music Reviews by Kent Manthie Dactyl: “Teething” (Reptilian Records) All through the (only) 8 tracks on “Teething”, Dactyl manhandle the hell out of the bass guitar, thumpin’ and bumpin’ it, pumping it through a fuzz-box, it really anchored the band quite well. The tunes are groovy punk riots – take “Ulterior Motives”: there is a blissful conciseness here: “DNA/It has […]

Military Technology – The Falklands Vulcan

Friday, June 15, 2007 The Falklands Vulcan Will Fly Again! [ from -Ed.] The Avro Vulcan bomber, one of a fleet of planes that played a vital role in defeating the Argentinians in the Falklands War, is a jet bomber capable of a top speed of nearly 500 knots, able to fly at a height in excess of 50,000 […]

Music Reviews by Kent Manthie

Music Reviews by Kent Manthie Renee Zawawi Legends (Sapiens Records) Pop-princess Renee Zawawi is a smart young woman; she has written a bunch of songs, recorded them and the result is “Legends”, her debut CD; 13 tracks of danceable exotic pop-phoria. “Legends” is a CD with some vividly expressive vocal chords. It’s syncopated Euro-style neo-disco with a tinge of the […]