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DVD review

Eon McKai’s “Kill Girl Kill 2”
review by Victoria Payge

My initial reaction to the DVD case I received was, “Hmm. Porn. This should be interesting in a gross kind of way.” I’m not against porn or sex or anything, but pornographic movies are what creepy older guys watch, right? Well, now there’s a new genre of porn that’s been around for a few years that is being made for a different kind of people. It’s being dubbed as alt-pornography. It’s the stuff of emo’s, Goths, and, in San Diego’s case, scenesters. The most well-known of this new porno scene are the Suicide Girls. The group of tatted/pierced, naked models have opened the doors to something new, and Eon McKai, taking his name from the infamous punker Ian MacKaye, former band member of “Minor Threat” and “Fugazi”, has been one of the first through those doors.
A young man from Southern California, McKai received his Master’s Degree from CalArt in film (which was part of his inspiration for his first film). He had watched porn as a young boy, mostly on the internet (showing his generation‘s age), and is influenced by the stuff of the 80s, directed by such greats as Todd Solondz and Richard Linklater. Now, he’s 26 years old and making quite a name for himself in the adult film industry. McKai is different in more ways than just using extremely young, barely-legal-girls and guys in his shoots. His two main rules are “no fake boobs”, and no shooting films in the infamous San Fernando Valley, where most of the porn industry makes its home. McKai feels in his heart that this type of the industry belongs in East L.A., filming in warehouses where, the week before, it held an art party or rave or something in that arena. He does stay within the adult film limits of testing his actors and actresses for HIV/AIDS, even though some of his actors have tried to avoid the testing, hoping Eon’s alternative attitude would allow it.

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[Above: This photo was called “Eon and Joanna Angel.” Click on the picture and you should be taken by the magic of hot titty internet to his website… RR]

McKai’s first movie, “Art School Sluts”, debuted in November of 2004. It immediately gained widespread popularity with porno fans, and kids from the alt scene alike. It wasn’t your typical adult movie, with the busty blondes, fake breasts, and amateur screenwriting. McKai handed his crew a script and let them have at it, producing his film in a Warholic kind of style. Following “Art School Sluts” was the first of the Kill Girl Kill series. The popularity of his new style prompted him to do a remake of the classic “New Wave Hookers”, calling his version “Neu Wave Hookers.” McKai has just finished production on that film and it should be available to the public shortly.
I was lucky enough to watch “Kill Girl Kill 2” starring Deja Daire, Justine Joli, Jezebelle Bond, Jade Starr, Zoe Matthews, Yummy (a cute little Asian chick with a sweet mouth), James Deen, Justin Syder, and Rob Rotten, and share my thoughts on the film. I realized this porno wasn’t what we have all been used to and looked into McKai and his production style more. It’s fascinating. McKai uses the slogan “Boys kill with violence. Girls kill with sex.” This slogan is used for all three movies, and I thought, on the off chance, that the movie would be about boys killing with violence and girls killing with sex. That wasn’t the case. I think the message McKai was trying to get across was that girls like to have sex just as much as boys do, if not more, and that in a many ways, sex is a form of violence, at least in his flicks. The use of violence in “Kill Girls Kill 2” shocked me a bit, but it wasn’t horrifying. There was some slapping of the girls, but admit it, who doesn’t like to get slapped while having sex with someone they are familiar with? What I thought was a little too violent was when the hot guys (yes, there are good looking guys in McKai’s pornos) reach around the girl while doing it doggy-style, and stick their fingers in the girls mouths, forming a morbid, nightmarish grin. That’s all part of the appeal to the Goths and Emos though.
The movie isn’t your typical home-alone-lady-waiting-for-the-plumber kind of video. It’s real sex. It reminds me of what it’s really like when you’re doing it with your tatted boyfriend/girlfriend. The sex starts off with some music, maybe in the stereo or in your head, and you both look really hot. Then, the motions start and all the little things come out. The strange little noises we make while “doing it” are perfectly audible because there isn’t any music anymore. You know what I mean? Remember the last time you did it and tell me it’s not true. That’s how McKai executes this movie.
Another huge appeal is the use of music in the films. You’re not going to hear any “bow-chicka-bow” sounds. Instead, you’re going to hear Drum and Bass music, as though you were at your favorite house party. Industrial music will also filter through the beginning of the scene, leading the way for something you just know is going to be different. Electronica, hardcore punk, and, of course, emo music, is also what is regularly played in these dirty movies. My one complaint; they are not played enough. At least not in K.G.K. 2. Each sex scene, and there about five, starts out with the couple and some great music. All too soon, the music is over for the remainder of the scene, and all that is left are the sounds of sex. I’ve noticed these sounds in my personal experience, but it sounds horrible when you’re watching it and listening to someone else making those noises. Keep the music going McKai!! If not to cover up the sounds, then to at least form some kind of soundtrack!
That is my only complaint. That and the first girl creeped me out with blood coming out of her nose. Otherwise, alt-porn, is good porn.
P.S. Keep your eyeballs peeled for “Kill Girl Kill 3” and “Neu Wave Hookers“.,

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My pirate name is:
Red Morty Rackham

Passion is a big part of your life, which makes sense for a pirate. You have the good fortune of having a good name, since Rackham (pronounced RACKem, not rack-ham) is one of the coolest sounding surnames for a pirate. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from

Now where can I get my ninja name?

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Domesctic Spying on you and your family?

I’d love to hear from anyone who voted for this White House. My email is If you did and you’re not in the top 3% or even 5% of the wealthy in the US you must be really, really stupid. If you are and you did you must be stupid and immoral.

Here’s a link below, from, to Al Gore’s great speech of warning and common sense from earlier this week. This ground-breaking speech, by the real winner of the election of 2000, was a small story in I think a back page of the A section in the next day’s San Diego Union. The cover story documented their stats on how house prices are falling in San Diego. I think The New York Times panned this story too. Most of the press is just as guilty as any crooked polititian for this current atmosphere of widespread crime in Washington. Domestic spying has been practiced covertly for political gain for a long time, think Nixon and Watergate, but never before has there been a joker in the White House that was used as a puppet to say it was legal to do.

Terrorism needs to be defeated but not at the cost of the rule of law in the USA, not at the abolition of probable cause and not at the cost of allowing warrantless searches and wiretaps, postal mail searches and email searches. That’s tyranny and the enslavement of the innocent citizens that are being “protected.” That’s not fighting terrorists.

George W. Bush didn’t even win office through fair democratic election. 9-11 happened while on their watch, and was done by people they new well, in a family they are business friends with. They had news warning them terrorists would hijack planes and fly them into skyscrapers and all that was needed to be done to thwart them was reinstall the air marshal program they used to have when Cuba used to send hijackers to take planes for publicity purposes.

You can’t throw out probable cause and judicial oversight, especially for national security. Who will protect us from the tyrants in the future? Bob Barr said president Bush has “dared the people to do something about” how he’s hijacked the constitution. I hope we do; I hope you do. First step – click the link at bottom and watch this speech.

Warrantless searches and holding prisoners in custody, uncharged (while torturing them), without the benefit of an attorney will destroy this country’s prosperity and demographic health. It will silence political diversity and make it impossible to ever get another great liberal like Bill Clinton in office, a liberal whose only sin was trying to make a Patient’s Bill Of Rights and promote good public healthcare. That’s when the neo-cons tried to get him kicked out of office for getting a blowjob from a perfectly willing unpaid intern. Oooooooo, scannnn-dallll…

These false flag-waving baboons are the opposite of the patriots of 1776; this White House is the madness of King George. Anyone who voted for them is straight-up stupid or as crooked as they are – but with a lot less to gain. Too bad Gore didn’t have Howard Dean as his running mate in 2000. I bet they would have won beacuse it would have been a lot harder for the Republicans to commit election fraud if there was a 20% margin. RR


On Monday, former Vice President Al Gore gave a speech about the program, where he said: “What we do know about this pervasive wiretapping virtually compels the conclusion that the president of the United States has been breaking the law, repeatedly and persistently.”

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Cool vid

Check out this cool little Nine Inch Nail’s gif I got off a famous San Diego DJ’s blog:

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Duke Cunningham, and the endurance of shame.

I just read a cover story about disgraced North County San Diego Congressman and former Miramar Top Gun instructor Randy “Duke” Congressman in the Union Tribune, my town’s only major paper, which ended with a quote from one of his former military buddies. The quote implied that while Duke was in the Navy as a fighter pilot he was protected from his brash impulsiveness while on the ground by his chain of command and while in the sky by other pilots who would cover his ass, they called it covering your six. Six-o’clock being fighter pilot jargon for your rear-end, your blind spot.

“As long as he was in the Navy there was always someone there to cover his six,” is how the quote read. Reading it, it’s obvious there are people who will try to distance this guy from the responsibility of the gravity of what he did, because, after all, gravity is one of a pilot’s greatest threats. Forget that for now.

Image hosted by
Above: disgraced US Congressman and shameful asshole Randy “Duke” Cunningham

Duke’s downfall wasn’t an enemy that snuck up on his rear. It was simple greed. Duke is a crooked polititian, one who is no better than any old-time Tammany Hall boss from post-Civil War New York, and certainly no better than the other great crooked Republican White House of Richard Nixon and his running mate Spiro Agnew, who I think also was found to be a money grabbing polititian who traded integrity for bribes of cash.

Duke, you sold your office for 2.4 million dollars, and you did it during wartime, by selling favors to defense contractors. You’re a traitor and a fool. You said in your speech where you announced your guilt that in your life you have had highs and lows – that in your life you’ve known fame “… And now I have known shame,” you said…

Make that less past-tense, Duke. Shame is your default state and condition for the balance of your life now, asshole. Fuck you to hell.

I wonder if his photo is still up on the wall at Miramar. The Marine’s are there now, but when Cunningham was an instructor I think in the 1980’s it was a Navy airbase. Integrity is a touchstone for the Marines echoed in thier motto of Semper Fidelis – “Always Faithful” in latin. One thing I don’t wonder about is if there are Marine brass out there who are now very grateful that The Dukester wasn’t one of their own. RR