Neocons, cover your ears. It’s time for SD Mayoral political opinion from Lev Six.

[Editorial] Bread And Circuses And Lascivious Allegations And another thing! “Gay neocons are better than straight neocons. Vote for gay neocons, shit will get better.” ~Lev Party Politics, Press Propagandism Commentary on San Diego Mayoral Scandalism, by Lev Six If you aren’t from San Diego, shut up about the imaginary Mayor Filner scandal. He is fantastic, I’d rate him as […]

The military grave of civilian Albert B. Smith

[Photo Story] Albert B. Smith’s Grave Tweet He participated in the siege of The Presidio at San Diego UPDATE [Printed below is the text of an email sent to Reviewer Magazine from Linda Jacobo, regarding the Albert Smith grave site. ~Editor] Linda Jacobo Jul 2 “Thanks for your quick response. I just want to clarify something in your article. As […]