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Fashion: Spring Skirt Lengths

How Short Is Too Short?

by Krystal Biehler

It is great to show a bit of leg. Whether you are a student on your way to class or a high powered executive in the boardroom showing a bit of gamb is a tasteful and feminine way to dress to impress. But what length is deemed acceptable?

The harsh reality of skirts is that ill-fitted skirts on heavy or curvy people can be very unappealing. However, with the proper length and fit can transform any woman into a knockout! Most women carry weight on their thighs and a proper fitted skirt will conceal the problem area instead of exposing it and it creates a sleek and trim image.

In your workplace your skirt should be a bit more conservative and longer than in your social life. You want to be judged on your performance and not your sex appeal. Like it or not but showing too much leg and dressing overly sexy is a distraction at work. The proper length for a skirt at work is to the knee or slightly above. This way you can climb the ladder of success with your own merrits and not with rumours of indiscretions.

Your routine and activities dictate the length. If you are constantly bending throughout the day a short skirt is not the way to go. Also running after children in a mini is never a good idea. Children often know more about sex than we give them credit for so do not have an embarrassing upskirt viewing momment when you are caring for kids.

Your age and the vintage of your peers should also play a role in determining your skirt length. As you age your hem line should drop. Women should always dress to impress and verocose veins and cellulite everybody gains with age should be hidden with discretion. Also more and more people are influenced by your impression as more and more people rely on you. Your children and younger generations look up to you as do your peers. It is much better to dipict a classy version of yourself especially if you are an authority figure.

Different generations have different “rules” for skirt lenghts so it is best to match their regulations. If you find yourself with seniors they expect the skirt to fall below the knees; baby boomers think to the knee or a bit above is acceptable; twenty and thirty somethings accept mid thigh to the knee; teenagers barely cover all of the goods.

More Tips
*The higher the hem the flatter your shoe should be.
*Darker and opaque tights can be worn with a too-mini skirt.
*Whatever length of skirt you wear it is imparative to be comfortable and self confident.
*The darkness and the “adults only” aspect of a night club enables your hemline to climb a touch higher.

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