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[ad] Partying For A Purpose: White Box Contemporary, 4-6-13

Art Auction For Charity

Come 4-6-13 and Support The Arts and Charity

Click the pic for larger.

It's All About The Kids art auction, 4-6-13,
It’s All About The Kids art auction, 4-6-13,


To sponsor, contact

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People From The Past


Maria Muse

Remembering The Other She That She Used To Be

An Informal Facebook Interview

Maria Muse, early 20's, passport photo...
Maria Muse, early 20’s, passport photo…

Maria’s Facebook photo caption, 3-28-13: “My old passport picture. They were going to make me keep this because I had too many retakes. I told them that I would never get out of Amsterdam like this. :)”

[Editor’s note: This was copied from my Facebook so the ones that have “Unlike” on them are comments that I “liked.” ~Reviewer Rob]


Reviewer Rob Amsterdam … ? Are you Dutch? I thought you were Greek.
Thursday at 10:37pm via mobile · Like

Maria Muse No, not Dutch, but I was headed there with this dubious passport pic. I look high!
Thursday at 10:38pm · Like

Reviewer Rob Ha ha.
Thursday at 10:39pm via mobile · Like

Maria Muse And I was wearing an off the shoulder ripped up skateboard (Zorlac) sweater. Just a mess. Early 20s.
Thursday at 10:40pm · Like

Reviewer Rob Yeah, looks fuckin hot too.
Thursday at 10:40pm via mobile · Like

Maria Muse sweaty?
Thursday at 10:41pm · Like

Maria Muse probably…it was summer. and i never wore deodorant.
Thursday at 10:41pm · Like

Reviewer Rob Ok, sweaty too. But sexy hot. Smelly as well???
Thursday at 10:42pm via mobile · Like

Maria Muse OH! Haha! Thanks..
Thursday at 10:43pm · Like

Reviewer Rob No one has b.o. until they turn 25.
Thursday at 10:43pm via mobile · Like

Maria Muse Not very smelly…just balmy. My hair is always shiny, I just don’t do deodorant.
Thursday at 10:44pm · Like

Reviewer Rob I am in that club too.
Thursday at 10:45pm via mobile · Like · 1

Maria Muse I was younger than 25, so I was just a dewy little tomboy with nice hair. That usually didn’t smell.
Thursday at 10:48pm · Edited · Unlike · 1

Reviewer Rob You really know how to arouse a guy, Maria, don’t you?
Thursday at 10:49pm via mobile · Like

Maria Muse I’m holding back. ha. (I am not for everyone, that’s for sure)
Thursday at 10:50pm · Like

Reviewer Rob That imagery is compelling. You must really be impressive when you’re NOT holding back…
Thursday at 10:52pm via mobile · Like

Maria Muse Rob I listened to Rush. How’s that for sexy. I had more cuts and bruises than most dudes. I was sarcastic and obnoxious. I didn’t shave my underarms. But damn I had good skin and hair!
Thursday at 10:55pm · Like

Maria Muse Actually I was more Dead Kennedy’s than anything, but the Rush sort of illustrates my non girl-ness.
Thursday at 10:57pm · Edited · Like

Reviewer Rob Tom Sawyer? That shit kicked ass!
Thursday at 10:57pm via mobile · Like · 1

Maria Muse Permanent Waves….Entre Nous
Thursday at 10:58pm · Unlike · 1

Reviewer Rob Hey, tomboys have always been where it’s at. The long shiny hair was a perfect camouflage.
Thursday at 10:59pm via mobile · Like · 1

Maria Muse I loved most of Rush. I was blaring it in my daughter’s room the other day until she told me to stop and leave.
Thursday at 10:59pm · Like

Reviewer Rob Haha
Thursday at 10:59pm via mobile · Like

Reviewer Rob That’s the best.
Thursday at 10:59pm via mobile · Like · 1

Maria Muse She says I am “Not Princess.”
Thursday at 11:00pm · Unlike · 1

Maria Muse I am not. Sigh…
Thursday at 11:00pm · Unlike · 1


Maria’s Facebook says she is from Manhattan, lives in Los Angeles and works in communications.

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Cannabis County, California


Ever up Humboldt County way?

Northern Greens’ Price Bubble

by Kent Manthie

If you’re ever up Humboldt County way, say “high” for me. I sure do appreciate those hard-working pot-farmers up there in Humboldt (as well as Mendocino) County, CA, USA, where some of the world’s best marijuana comes from. It’s just too damn bad that it has to be SO damn expensive. I mean – on average, one pays $20 a gram for that stuff – even at the legal medical dispensaries in California.

Of all places – a dispensary that claims to be there to help those who are suffering badly from a range of diseases, including AIDS, cancer, asthma, glaucoma, even anorexia, as it helps the appetite, not to mention myriad other disorders, with which smoking the ganja can help, not just in appetite ways, but also by reducing stress, and as a substitute for the awful scourge of big pharma, who sell life saving meds in America for several times more than in other countries, including Canada, Mexico and in various African countries.

Their propagandists – usually some hot little babe who is spoon-fed info by those who have the brains to know what they’re talking about – say it’s because the stuff in America is so much better because it’s more highly regulated and so forth – well, if that’s true, than why the hell are they shipping sub-par drugs to other countries? Why because it’s good for biz and that’s really what the drug BUSINESS is all about first and foremost – that’s why the call it the “Drug Business” – but marijuana has no harmful side effects, is perfectly safe, has never, ever caused any deaths, has only had positive results (unless you count the lethargy that can come from getting too stoned – when that happens you just need to eat something and have a cup of coffee and then you’re back to normal and can still feel the effects of the weed – if it’s the great, sticky bright green seedless bomb).

So, it’s time to regulate pharmaceuticals much more tightly – at least in other countries – if I were the head of a country where they were shipping in sub-par drugs because it was cheaper, I would demand to be getting the same stuff that Americans get – and if every country in the world did that and refused to pay extortionate prices for them in tandem with US congressional oversight to the same effect, then I think you’d see a change – albeit slight, but change nonetheless. Still, though, pharma drugs of the same type will never take the place of organic, safe pot.

Now, of course, there are great and necessary drugs like antibiotics -which must be taken sparingly – not only when you have a cold – in which case they won’t do a damn thing because colds and flus are VIR– USES and antibiotics only kill BACTERIA – they don’t do a damn thing to stop viruses, so it’s not only a waste of time to take antibiotics for viruses but it will just end up building up, in your body, a resistance to them when you really need them. But luckily, stronger and stronger antibiotics are always being developed. But if stupid people would quit overtaking them right now, then we wouldn’t be creating resistances to them – unfortunately, also, cows are inundated w/antibiotics in order to make them “healthier” – and what does that do?

Well, when they’re slaughtered and we make steaks and hamburgers out of them, the a/b’s are still around and so we’re also ingesting antibiotics when we eat most meat (it’s not only cows but pigs, chickens, sheep, etc), so I’d recommend eating meat that has some proof or sign of not having any antibiotics or any strange growth hormones, etc, which meat eaters inevitably end up eating, see? That is why big pharma is so dangerous and out of control, yet they’re perfectly legal and huge business, whereas harmless marijuana is labeled as a “dangerous drug” – dangerous to whom? To the profits of the pharmaceutical companies and not to any humans or other living organisms!!! So just remember that. Smoke pot and eat drug (pharmaceutical drug)-free meat!


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show review: Electric Six

Electric Six, Constellation Room

at The Observatory

3503 S. Harbor Blvd., Santa Ana, CA 92704

Special to Reviewer Magazine
by Brent D. Tharp

Electric Six have always posed a bit of a conundrum for me. On one hand, they obviously know how to play, and they’ve put out eight albums at this point – volume alone would indicate that they are professional musicians, dedicated to their craft. On the other hand, I always wonder: “Are they just kidding?” With a catalog that includes “Gay Bar,” “Danger! High Voltage,” and “Formula 409,” regardless of their popularity, one is given to wonder about the strategy behind the songs. I find it perplexing, despite every album having a distinct theme. The good news, having seen their live show in Orange County on March 1, is that Electric Six are amazingly talented musicians, can change on the fly with audience demands, and have great rapport with the crowd. The bad news, if you want to call it that, is that sometimes I still wonder if they’re just kidding.

Before I get to the music, let’s touch on Electric Six as entertainers. First, Dave Valentine will never be confused with Axl Rose, and that’s a good thing; Electric Six are exceedingly punctual. The other thing, which one gathers quickly from a perusal of or their Facebook page (, is that E6 (the short form) is self-effacing, especially Valentine. They also don’t make any promises beyond showing up on time, and delivering some music. That claim is obviously tongue in cheek, as the interaction with the crowd is exceptional. Then again, it should be with a crowd numbering around 250. Despite some of Valentine’s jokes falling short (mentioning that a song is from “one of our albums” became old after the second or third time), those instances were rare. Further, one must consider that E6 are from Detroit, yet Valentine managed to connect with the crowd by numerous references to Orange County and Southern California. In this writer’s opinion, Valentine’s ability to connect with the crowd is better than that of almost any other front man in the business.

When it comes to actual musicianship, E6 change from self-effacing to exceptionally serious. Despite Valentine’s claims that the band members were getting progressively more loaded as the night wore on, that was undoubtedly untrue, as the quality of the playing never faltered, nor did Valentine’s initial slurring get worse.

Though it’s patently unfair to criticize a band when it steps away from its typical style for a bit, I’ll do it, and say that “Crazy Horses,” the opening number, didn’t excite me in the slightest. It was pedestrian at best, and lacked the lyrical density and structure that one expects from Valentine. To E6’s credit, though I’m not sure it was meant to be taken seriously, Valentine advised the crowd after the first three songs, that “Those first three songs were our worst songs. This next song,

is our best song.” This reviewer would tend to agree, though the second song, “It Ain’t Punk Rock,” which is actually an indictment of shitty punk bands that pose as musicians, seemed especially appropriate in a venue that has its share of punk rock opening bands, with no musical affinity to the headliners that follow them.

It was at about this time that Valentine pointed me out to the assembled crowd, stating that they had an OC Weekly reviewer in their midst. I’m not sure if he got my “San Diego” shout-out correction, but I gave a valiant effort, in any case. I also commend him for continuing the Orange County connection by his lead-in to the next song, which concluded with “We’re Electric Six, from Tustin, California,” which got serious applause from the crowd.

By the way, that #4 “best song” was “Jam It in the Hole,” which is an exceptional song, but I would not call it E6’s best, by any stretch. It was followed, and eclipsed, by a couple fan favorites, “Improper Dancing” and “Danger! High Voltage;” both share catchy riffs, solid guitar solos, and sarcastic, yet fun-loving, lyrics. I think that best describes E6’s music – even at their most acerbic, the lyrics are still meant, primarily, in a spirit of fun.

Throughout the remainder of the set, E6 were able to blend in some catchy dance tunes (“I Wish This Song Was Louder,” “Gay Bar,” “Naked Pictures (of Your Mother),” and “Formula 409”), along with what Valentine described as politically important songs about cloning (“Steal Your Bones”) and freedom to assemble (“Down at McDonnelzzz”).

A couple interesting scenes developed during the second half of the show. First, I’ve never considered “Formula 409” to be a mosh song; then again, I’ve never really considered any E6 song to be particularly moshable. Then again, it’s Orange County, so I really shouldn’t be surprised. Let’s just say that a mosh of 10-12 hearty folks broke out, and leave it at that (editorial note: I don’t think this was the true “pro set” of OC moshers, considering that they couldn’t maintain a solid boundary, even with the limited numbers in the mosh itself).

Second, and as often happens in a most annoying fashion (annoying when you’re trying to watch a band and this happens above your head), crowd surfing became the coda to the mosh. In this case, however, the total number of crowd surfers was one brave female. The number of crowd surfers upended back into the crowd by Valentine also was one, with the admonishment, “No white women on the stage!” Though I heard some uncertain gasps by a few folks, most people familiar with E6’s songs, such as “She’s White” and the closing number, “We Were Witchy Witchy White Women,” got the joke.

Valentine prefaced the closer by asking, “Where are all the lesbians in the audience?” Based on a hand count alone, OC has a much higher proportion of lesbians than I would have guessed.

All told, E6 played a solid 1:15 set of 15 songs, including the encore (“Dance Commander,” one of their best). Valentine attributed the length of the set to “not having seven to nine punk bands open for us, to ‘draw in the crowd’,” as they’ve typically experienced in Orange County. In the final analysis, though E6 may be joking at times, and might even poke fun at the absurdity of the environment in which they find themselves, they never take shots at their audience, and they are definitely, positively, not kidding.














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cannabis review: various new strains

cultivated flowers, and their purposes

Rite Greens Flower Review

by Nordie

Rite Greens:
1801 E Edinger Ave., Ste 165
Santa Ana, CA 92705
ph. 714-558-7167

The first strain I had the pleasure of reviewing from Rite Greens delicious menu was their Private Reserve OG. It was a fabulous version of this strain. The buds were dense with lots of crystals and it has the classic OG flavor I love. Giving great effects, it had a wonderful body high and was mentally relaxing. This strain is ideal for relieving anxiety or pain. Along with incredible effects and great taste, it was also aromatic. This bud was a great way to end my day!

Louis XIII is the second strain I reviewed. Lucky me! It was flavorful, aromatic, and had the effects I desire in this bud. The nugs were small and spongey with lots of crystals and it has a great scent that is intoxicating. A great choice for pain relief, sleep aid, or if you just need to relax. Very enjoyable!

This next strain… Was incredible. I highly recommend Rite Greens G13. Very well grown. Everything you would look for in this strain was there. It is a very strong indica with some sativa effects. Definitely not for those with low tolerance. A fresh organic taste and a mild piney scent make this bud very relaxing in all aspects. This G13 is ideal for any physical pain relief you might need and would relax the most uptight individual. Definitely an amazing medicinal strain.

My favorite strain that I reviewed from Rite Greens was Cannatonic. INCREDIBLE. With 17% CBD content, this buds for you! Absolutely fantastic medical quality weed. I have never smoked something that made me feel so good. I work a lot and this strain really made me ready to go out and accomplish all my tasks with its heady focused effects. The best description is euphoric. A must try!

Jack the Ripper, classic. This strain from Rite Greens was extremely aromatic, the scent was very enjoyable and added to the experience when smoking. Full of flavor and the effects you would be looking for. A great way to begin your day with it’s strong sativa characteristics. I would describe this bud as uplifting to say the least. Highly recommended to all you sativa lovers.

The last strain in my review is Beyond Blue Dream, and it is just that! Everything you love about the blue dream strain, but amplified. Incredible taste, seriously delicious. A fantastic scent that is soothing and layered. This is a wonderfully potent strain that I enjoyed in the morning as well, as throughout the day. Relaxing and focus filled effects. Definitely what I look for in a good sativa, with all the bells and whistles.


Beyond Blue Dream
Beyond Blue Dream
Jack The Ripper
Jack The Ripper
Louis XIII
Louis XIII
Private Reserve OG
Private Reserve OG