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Smoking Fetishes and Cottage Industries

Here’s one screenshot from that time Asphyxia Noir portrayed Smoking Fetish for My Camera

Smoking Fetish with Asphyxia Noir.
Members, click the pic for a fun but weird Smoking Fetish Asphyxia Noir clip.

By Reviewer X

(11-3-20, 3:26 a.m.) I’ve been updating this page as well as my Clips4sale account,, a lot these past 72 hours since the server migration. It’s Election Day now and will probably take a break soon. But I think there’s way more than enough for a start on this Reviewer Magazine archive and LesRevue Onlyfans account. As you may know, I’m Reviewer Rob, your host. But here? Just call me “Reviewer X”.

(11-1-20, 6:06 a.m.) New Onlyfans adventures. I did some reading. It looks like this is a “Paid Only” account with no option for free posts. Hmm, I might have to use that second account option because there’s really no way to promote with teaser content like that. Oh, fine. I’ll figure this out.

(10-31-20) The hosting service is migrating LesRevue and Reviewer to a new server today so I’m going to play around with Onlyfans while the main sites are otherwise occupied.. ~Rob

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