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Emerging Markets and the Cannabis Business

by Reviewer Rob

I’m selling my domain bundled with the .net and .org.

I’ve owned them for a number of years and were planning to develop them when the weed market was emerging, but I don’t have the time for it now. Cannabis is preparing to be legal in the United States soon and even now there’s other people who can use the name “Cannabis Reviewer” to greater capitalization. Once Washington D.C. removes it from the list of Schedule One drugs the gold rush will truly begin. Some enterprising entrepreneur out there will score with the site.

Godaddy will be facilitating with this sale, and their appraised value of the three names comes to about $5,000. So that’ll be the starting price. If I have to sit on them for a while I will. I’ve been paying for their registration all these years, a little longer won’t matter.

Interested parties can contact me at

Cannabis sativa drawing by Koehler
Cannabis sativa drawing by Koehler

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