Expatriot Dreaming Of Home

“my dreamworld is a real place”

by Brittany Vipond

Friquita Francis
So dreamt that I went with some interesting friends (this beautiful dark haired photographer lady and her cheerful brother) to visit their father for some reason. Never met these people in real life just in the dream. We stopped off at a cool hotel and watched a bunch of insanely absurd horror movies. Wish I could remember the details. Anyways we got to their Dad’s place and sat down with him. He poured us all glasses of 80-year-old scotch or something equivalent. He was awesome, reminded me of an older, skinnier Robert DeNiro, well how he is now, but anyways, he was very sweet and hilarious. Lots of foul-mouthed East Coast wisecracks. We got to talking about the 60’s when he met the lady’s mother (apparently she had passed away, perhaps that’s why we were visiting) and he said something along the lines of “If I hadn’t impregnated your mother with you, (I guess he was going to pull out but if he did) I would have blown it right into my buddies neck.” Hahah, insinuating that she was conceived during an orgy.

Anyways at one point we all got together for a group picture. Some guy was taking it for us with an old Polaroid camera of the dad’s. We all got in close with me next to the girl’s father and he smiled at me and gave me kind of a wink, not in a creepy way but in an endearing way and I felt extremely kindred to him somehow like he was trying to tell me something. He took a few shots and then handed ME the Polaroids to shake. The brother came up behind me all giddy like ‘let me see let me see.’ I was like “they aren’t done yet…” I started shaking them and got a close look as they were developing. They turned out but weren’t the pictures he took just then, they were these fabulous pictures of me as a young school girl in the 70’s, posing. And Nettie Harris was in them! I knew we were sisters in a past life, haha!

I just love dreams when they feel so real like this one, and when I wake up smiling instead of screaming. Like when he said in the movie: “They say that dreams are only real as long as they last. Couldn’t you say the same thing about life?” I do feel like my dreamworld is a real place.

[Brittany Vipond is a sometimes photographer, writer of prose, artist, photographer’s muse originally from Altoona, PA, based in New Orleans. She’s currently in Dubai and will be traveling through Europe on her second tour in a year – Italy, Amsterdam, possibly Germany and Paris – partying, studying music she says, and working as an art model. ~ Editor]

Brittany Vipond
Brittany Vipond

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