“The Other Side of Town” with Anna Shepherd

Anna Shepherd

CD Review

by J. Darren Lee

Anna Shepherd’s self titled debut album is a full flavored collection of ballads that showcase this artist’s amazing vocals and piano-playing ability. Hailing from the Bourbon Capitol of the world Bardstown, Kentucky, Anna Shepherd has conjured a lovingly crafted CD that expresses the dangers and hope of love and the storms of lost love. The music is not quite at all what one would call country music, but it still has a gentle rural and rustic feel without totally alienating suburbia. Anna brings together many inspirations to create songs that everyone can relate to at one point in their life. She expresses that she hopes to “invoke thought in the listener, and explore all the emotions of a broad listening audience that will possibly offer healing to some.” Anna has definitely succeeded in creating beautiful songs that listeners can think about, consume, and enjoy.

On songs such as “The Other Side of Town” and “I Have To”, Anna’s piano accompanies her expressive, full voice that brings together two heartfelt and smartly crafted ballads. Her faster pace songs, like “Mending” feature neat guitar playing from Nashville guitarist, Dan Adams, who also serves as backup vocals on the CD. Dark Horse Recording provided the production of the CD, which is top notch, and every song is perfectly rendered.

Anna Shepherd’s self titled CD is a solid first step to this young woman’s musical career, and this reviewer hopes to hear more of her future endeavors in music. If you are in, or around the Bardstown/Lexington/Louisville area, be sure to see Anna Shepherd live at the following shows: November 7th, 5:00 PM at the Wooden Duck in store performance in Bardstown, Kentucky, and on November 14th, 8:30 PM at the Hub Coffee House and Café in Danville, Kentucky. You can order Anna Shepherd’s CD on her MySpace site at myspace.com/204045431 or on iTunes.

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